Look Ma, Life's Easy
  An Inspirational Novel

 Look Ma, Life's Easy

How Ordinary People Attain Extraordinary Results


Look Ma, Life’s Easy

How Ordinary People Attain Extraordinary Success, Financial Independence, and Personal Freedom

(An Inspirational Novel by Ernie J. Zelinski)






It has been said that life is too short to be ordinary. So how does one become extraordinary?

Everyone would like to live an extraordinary life, to have their life matter, to make a big difference in this world. Whoever accomplishes this is deemed to be great instead of ordinary. Successful, adventurous souls continually attain extraordinary results by exceeding their limitations because they realize that personal limitations are self-imposed.

That's where this inspirational novel comes into the picture. Sheldon, a young adult, meets Brock, a successful middle-aged man who has attained extraordinary success and prosperity in his life, and the story unfolds.

Look Ma, Life's Easy emphasizes the importance of following The Easy Rule of Life in order that we can experience satisfaction, financial independence, true happiness, and personal freedom in our lives. The Easy Rule of Life simply states that when we take the easy and comfortable way, life ends up being difficult and uncomfortable. When we take the difficult and uncomfortable route, however, life ends up easy and comfortable.

As an intriguing part of the story, Sheldon finds a mysterious book of proverbs called Life's Secret Handbook, which is quoted liberally from then on.

Here are a few of the pearls of wisdom from Life's Secret Handbook:

Life is a game. 

Happy people are the players. 

Unhappy people are the spectators.  

Which would you like to be?


It’s easier to speak of dreams than to attain them. 

Irrespective of how fantastic your dreams are, they are ten times worse than mediocre when you don’t do anything with them. 

Sadly, what you don’t get around to doing will never succeed.


There will be days when nothing goes right. 

But not all is lost. 

Quite the contrary. 

You will learn more from one day of difficulties than you will learn from a year of total pleasure and comfort.



You have two choices in life: 

You can disappear into the main stream.

Or you can be true to yourself and swim against the current. 

One is a form of self-abandonment.

The other is an adventure into new worlds and dimensions. 



When the ship of the adventurous spirit hits the reef of criticism, adversity, and failure, it’s the criticism, adversity, and failure that are smashed to bits and pieces — and not the adventurous spirit.


Always do your best to make a big difference in this world. 

When you live your best, and always do your best, the results that you attain are, in fact, perfect. 

Whatever the results — they couldn't have come out any better.     

These modern proverbs about life and what it takes to be prosperous and successful will delight and inspire every reader. Herb Denenberg of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin recently writing about one of Ernie Zelinski's other books stated, "This Zelinski guy knows how to write prose that has the potential to become those old proverbs everyone repeats."

More important, you will be amazed by the simplicity of the main message in Look Ma, Life's Easy based on The Easy Rule of Life. So simple — yet so powerful.

Look Ma, Life's Easy is one of those inspirational books that can be called both life-changing and a page-turner. The book’s rich story along with the proverbs from its companion Life's Secret Handbook will compel you to question your own life story and to assess whether it is time for you to change.

You will be driven to ask, “Am I going to let my past or my potential determine my destiny? Am I going to live life by chance or by choice? Am I going to live someone else’s story or am I finally going to use my God-given talent to claim a life that is truly my own?

All told, there are only a few inspirational novels that in some way, to some degree, can inspire people to much greater heights  and even greatness. Look Ma, Life's Easy is one of them.


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"This Zelinski guy knows how to write prose that has the potential to become those old proverbs everyone repeats." 

- Herb Denenberg, Philadelphia Evening Bulletin